Hotel Management Made simple

AlishuInfotech software solution

Improve your hotel operations with our solution!

This software is a well designed program to cover every aspect of hotel business so that it becomes your helping hand and makes the administration job easy. It will no doubt help you to maintain a good relationship with your guests with no room for mistake in its performance.

Our comprehensive hotel software will make hotel management a cakewalk for you by improving the guest experience you provide, facilitating the functions you perform and maximizing your revenues.

  • Hotel Software- Simplify your daily hotel operations
  • Booking Engine - Direct Bookings from your hotel website
  • Channel Manager- One-stop inventory distribution system
  • Restaurant POS - Manage your F & B business operations

    Our Best Features:-

  • The software provides every facility regarding reservation. From room booking, to hall booking for events, availability status to other enquiries regarding reservations.
  • Our software is ideal for maintaining the front office activities. Readymade information about the full hotel is available at your service at anytime to serve your guest. It is absolutely easy to use and provides accurate information which leaves a great impression on the guests.
  • It is include the housekeeping maintenance, this is very important as it maintains the record of what is happening in the hotel, what things are being used, what is needed etc.
  • Our software stores accurate records of the finances and the inventory and all the information about the employees which is needed for administration.
  • Our software also provides you with a unique feature to store all the information and a tab on the guests for security. The validation process is full proof and there is no chance of wrong information being stored.
  • You get all this and many more features at one price and there are no separate charges included for other aspects of the hotel management.
  • Customer Care support 24/7 hours.
  • If are you looking for a cloud based Hotel Management Software. Here is the right platform for your small or mid-sized Hotel business to explore with our Hotel Management Solutions. For more information Schedule your Online Demo Today!

AlishuInfotech software solution
AlishuInfotech software solution