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AlishuInfotech software solution
AlishuInfotech software solution

Courier Management Software (GST Enabled)

Delivery Management Software for Couriers and Dispatchers

Alishu Infotech is a professional courier management software solution provider that meets the end-to-end needs of your transportation business. The courier software has been continuously developed to respond to the specific needs of courier industry. If you are a freight broker, carrier, messenger, courier or dispatching service, your business can become more effective and save money with Sagar Informatics delivery Management software.

Software Designed for Courier Companies

We offer a solution that has been successfully tested by several courier companies, which not only solves all these issues but also provides a competitive advantage on the market through an improvement of the operational sector, as well as by offering completely new services.

Our solutions is following types given below:-

  • Domestic Courier Management System (DCMS)

    Purpose of Domestic Courier Management Software (DCMS) is the project represents the Courier Service management System. The system will be used for day to day activities like out return, company details, pocket entry, Printing of invoices/bill, hub rates, booking, non delivery and pickup centers. We have developed this software that manage packet distribution to Couriers Company and support excellent reporting, billing and control over the Domestics Courier Company.

  • International Courier Management System (ICMS)

    International Courier Management System is a unique software framework for an enterprise which posses operations in international courier services. It is easy to use web-based Courier System that is a complete carrier management console; create, delete, clone and reprint shipping labels from any device anywhere, at any time. Our International Courier Management that manage packet distribution to Couriers Company and support excellent reporting, billing and control over Courier Company and thus provide clear report to management how the courier company are performing their assigned jobs. ICMS covers all the controls and processes involved physical parcel management, customer account management, agent cost management, analysis reports, reporting by e-mail and SMS, data security in International Courier Import Services, International Courier Export Services and Domestic Pickup & Delivery for all branches.

  • Franchise Courier Management System (FCMS)

    Our Franchise Courier Management System is the most comprehensive Cloud-based courier management system for a single and multi-franchise business in express package delivery industry. You can manage your multi Franchise courier management business at single place through our Courier dispatch system. It is build with perfect mobile UI and UX design to increase your courier business revenue and making the process of courier dispatch services easier. It’s also helps to grow your business in multi cities and country. Provide a better courier service experience to the customer online with our turnkey courier software solution.

  • Courier Tracking System

    Our Courier Tracking System is very easy to use; no software installation is required to track the shipment. It is the simplest solution for Courier & Cargo Tracking business. Provide online tracking system of consignment and shipping details for International or domestic shipping. Enter tracking number to track and Trace your Courier package online.

  • Courier Tracking Website

    We have been working with various Courier Company Website design and development for existing or new website. If you need to enable and get your company start up and grow your online business with user-friendly then you are the right place. We build responsive web design for Courier Company and we redesign the old technology website to latest technology with SEO-friendly at economics budget.

AlishuInfotech software solution

Online tracking AWB (Air Way Bill)

  • Real-time AWB tracking System
  • Automatically track your parcel location, date, time.
  • Shipment tracking mode
  • AWB Booking and delivery alert / notification
AlishuInfotech software solution

Multi Franchises for courier Branch Management

  • Manage Multiple Franchises branch / Center
  • Manage freight Rate as per Branch
  • Manage Branch / Center Distance
  • Origin, Delivery, Destination Branch, Pickup Center, Crossing Branch Management
  • Branch / Center Login
AlishuInfotech software solution

Employee Management

  • Manage Employee by branch
  • Manage Pickup and Delivery Boy / Employee
  • Manage Employee rights as per designation
  • Manage Expense by employee
  • Branch / Center Employee Login
AlishuInfotech software solution

Client/ Customer Management

  • Manage Client, Consignee, Consignor List
  • Managing the details of clients and Freight Rate
  • Inward/ Outward Parcel Email / SMS Alert to Customer
  • Allowing the client and management to query
  • Manage Co-loader (air/surface/flight/cargo)
  • Customer Login
AlishuInfotech software solution

Parcel/Packets Pickup Management

  • Manage Parcel / Packets
  • Regular and Special/call Pickup Module
  • Pickup Route Management by Location
  • Intercity Pickup and Drop Management
  • Parcel Pickup Alert
  • Generate Parcel Pickup sheet
  • Pickup Parcel verification by Barcode AWB No
AlishuInfotech software solution

Barcode System

  • Generate a unique tracking no. (AWB NO) For each Parcel / Packets
  • Manage Every Barcode Print
  • Inward / Outward Barcode Label Module
  • Bra-code Printing Module
  • Create Every Parcel Label Barcode
AlishuInfotech software solution

Parcel/Packets Delivery (Dispatch) Management

  • Incoming Awb Parcel Verification
  • DRS (Delivery run sheet) generation
  • Generate POD (Proof of Delivery) Sheet
  • Manage Delivery Proof and Details
  • Delivery / Dispatch Route Management by Location
  • Delivery Attempt Management
  • Parcel delivery Status Management
  • AWB No (Barcode) Acknowledgement
AlishuInfotech software solution

Account and Payment Management

  • Generate Cash flow Report (Brach/center/Franchises)
  • Manifest Freight Report
  • Cash flow account Report
  • Expense account Management
  • Customer COD, To-pay, Paid Billing Report
  • Generate Customer / Client / Consignee/ Consignor Billing Invoice report
  • Daily, Monthly Cash Amount report (Brach/center/Franchises)
  • Manage Co-loader Account
  • Manage Customer / Client / Consignee/ Consignor Account
AlishuInfotech software solution

    Benefits of Courier Software

  • Your customer can track his/her parcel from your website.
  • Manage customer master easily for regular courier pick-up.
  • No need to insert data every time.
  • Easy accounting for franchises
    • Demo of Courier software

      We are providing customized courier software so please send us your all requirements on sales@AlishuInfotech.com we will send you all details and demo link.For demo of Courier software online please send us your requirement Get Demo

AlishuInfotech software solution